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We are a growing group of entrepreneurs who strive to empower the values of bringing "Agents of Change" via grassroots micro-economies. 
We hold the view that "education" is the cornerstone of bringing us closer together on long term social and environmental issues at individual and communities levels while fostering respectful relationships to the multi-layered, multi-faceted issues that we have chosen to confront. 
We accept "a call-to-action" but our strategy is to take an organic intergenerational approach as a pathway towards sustainable momentum for a meaningful transformation.
IndoSmiles endeavours to forge collaborative partnerships forming a hub of patrons connected to purposeful individuals and/or groups like "spokes on a wheel" moving forward in the same direction, championing different parts of interrelated interests on sustainable development goals beginning with our kids - the future adults for progressive change.
IndoSmiles was born because of such beliefs while at the same time not fearing to face the realities before covid or in the post-period challenging us as individuals, households and communities.
"Hand up with dignity" on solving local challenges towards sustainable development through education of our children everywhere.
Maybe it's time to recalibrate within sustainable bounds and collaborate?

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Flores Island
Kindergarten for Flores
Laja Village

IndoSmiles Microproject - Laja Village

IndoSmiles - Foundation - Beginnings

IndoSmiles Groundbreaking Ceremony






IndonSmiles was founded in 2019 by a New Zealander from an idea and talking points from what he learned after a tour of Flores Island, Indonesia.


On reflection, he came to the conclusion from a professional career working and living in other countries that it was "his time" to give back and connect with others that shared this belief and more.  Covid-19 accelerated the vision, connections and in 2021 IndoSmiles exceeded the expectation of our engaged supporters.



Ideas All Dressed up and Nowhere to Go - Say What !?

All dressed up and no place to go came into popular use early in the twentieth century but why can't collective VISION work too?

If we are looking and listening, we may begin to meet people with good ideas, which can be inspired into great ideas around talking points to create a vision of the world - and then we mostly leave the conversation on the table as everyday life kicks us back into our personal realities. Nothing wrong in that - that's life - Vision moves ideas from paper to action and IndoSmiles is transforming ideas into focused plans, into action with a long-term view that fits into the realities of being a Globe citizen.   


Call to Action


Measure us on our results - Measure us from those that support our initiatives - Measure us by our mistakes but the realization of our collective efforts will only be truly measurable by our children that have benefited from our initiatives that then advanced them beyond our vision and bring it full circle.  


A hub needs spokes for the wheel to turn -join us as a "hub ( those with time, experience and skill), as a "spoke" (those out there and doing it or with ideas and vision), to become part of the collective "wheel" of change and momentum for a shared vision of a better world starting with the adults of the future. 

This is a Maori proverb:

“He aha te mea nui o te ao, he tangata he tangata he tangata”


It means, in English:

“What is the most important thing in the world, it is the people, the people, the people.”