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IndoSmiles establishes community relationships then links entrepreneurs offering options and flexibility for benefactors and beneficiaries.

We take a long-term position and progressively measure the impact against the goal and work with only engaged benefactors
Per our Ethos, we focus on five criteria;

Learn, Support, Connect, Participate,  Sustain 

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Through our funding, we support individuals, families to learn throughout their lives.

We place importance on the great start in life provided by quality education, post-school learning, and the need to support people as they move through the different stages of life.


We recognise learning as a pathway for individuals, families to reach their potential.

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Through our funding, we support individuals, families to thrive.

At times, people need support to overcome challenges, build self-reliance and resilience, and for some people long-term support is needed. We recognise that when people are well supported, they have a better opportunity to participate positively in the community.

Image by Dimitri Houtteman


Through our funding we support people to feel connected to, supported by, and involved in their community.

Healthy communities have opportunities for people to interact, form relationships and share experiences. We recognise social connections can help to reduce isolation and build resilient communities.

Image by Aarón Blanco Tejedor


Through our funding, we support more people participating in their local communities.

Taking part in sport, recreation and cultural activities can help people to lead fulfilling lives. We recognise people participating in their communities can have benefits for our health and wider community wellbeing.

Image by Rajesh Ram


Through our funding, we support communities and organisations to be environmentally and socially sustainable.

We recognise the role communities play in enhancing our natural environment and in reducing adverse environmental impacts for future generations. We also aim to strengthen communities by supporting the capacity, capability, and sustainability of community organisations.



Long-term relationships are great – there’s time to understand each other, explore similarities and differences and really grow together


Corporate, Supporting, and Community partnerships balance the range of bespoke projects we can undertake to provide not only funding but real grassroots needs that transform lives. 

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