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Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Okay, there is no cat and no tin roof but loads of bamboo.

Bamboo is fast-growing compared to other natural building materials, sustainable and in abundance throughout Flores Island.

During August 2020 our IndoSmiles Onsite team were busy in the forest cutting and hauling 150 stems back to Laja Village that forms the roof, main supports, and cladding required for our school build. The more significant pieces fashioned into structural supports, cladding, and flooring panels ready for the drying process under natural conditions that take approximately 4-months.

The team starts by sorting the material into the three types according to usage. Twenty-Five by 4m stems were cut and shaped into 4000+ roofing tiles which will form an overlapping system providing exceptional fit and waterproofing.

Later each piece undergoes treatment to provide its longevity and repellent against bugs which is a critical step to ensure the max life of the material and structure. Maintenance is an essential part of any building, and as such, IndoSmiles has factored into the budget provision for ongoing maintenance to extend the life of the building pass 10-years.

The cost estimated and actual for this phase of the project was 7.5 million Indonesian rupiahs (approx 510US$) and our onsite team was payout 2nd September 2020.

Phase Two - Foundation, Structural Supports, and footpaths with a blessing to mark the milestone of "breaking ground", due to begin soon.

The team who worked Phase One where;

- Mr Kampianus Dahur,

- Mr Yeremuas Apus,

- Mr kanisus Don,

- Mr Domanus Ntaut

- Mr Dorteus Surung

- Mr Romanus Tantu

- Mr Remigius Jahu

- Mr Saverinus Serin

- Mr yohanes Damai, and

- Mr Lodi Syukur.

Community collaboration at its best!

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