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Ground Breaking

Manggarai people conduct a sacred ceremony aimed at honouring their ancestors and God [Mori Kraeng] before starting the project of building our school.

A ceremony was held on 27th September 2020 by the customary village head of our build team. The Leader (Tu'a Adat) asks for the protection of those who work during construction, for the teachers and students that will bring life to the school and community finishing with a prayer to those that support this project from around the world.

A three plumage rooster with feathers coloured brown, grey, and white symbolizes bravery. The suffice (Manuk Lalong Cepang) is offered to the ancestors [Ela Pantek] as the first step of two Congko Lokap rituals.

The ' Tu'a Adat' along with all taking part in the build look to see the blood of the sacrifice. If the blood does not clot, the beliefs are that the prayers and offering have not been well received. On this occasion, the ancestors gave this excellent favour with the bloody clothing on the plate.

The body of the sacrifice is roasted, with one half given to the ancestors, as an offering, and the remainder used as part of a meal eaten by all those that in attendance.

Raum Wuwung is a ceremony conducted before the roof is built, concluding with the last Congko Locap, - clean up around the newly built school celebrated by the community and the official opening of the school.

Mr Wilhelmus Sekau leads the ceremony for IndoSmiles this day and the construction team: Mr Kampianus Dahur, Mr Yeremias Apus, Mr Kanisius Don, Mr Romabus Ntaur with others in attendance.

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