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Ideas on Paper

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

The main structure is elevated, allowing better airflow around the building due to its exposure to the elements and site position. In turn, this will help with cooling during summer and ensure the kids are out of harm's way from the downpours during the rainy season.

A segregated roof will also assist with airflow within the building, combined with Barn doors and shutter windows, providing proper ventilation and air circulation.

A small organic toilet block with running water feed from a tank will be located close by and again mostly from bamboo with footpaths leading from roadside encasing all buildings.

An age-appropriate playground will be constructed, adding colour and fun, including fencing to keep our kids safe.

Beautification of the site and the replanting of bamboo seedlings are also a feature of this project.

IndoSmiles wishes to thank David E. for kindy, providing our sketches and his time. Just another gesture of kindness shown towards achieving this project.

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